Impregnating Europa

You, Rolf, a Nordic warrior, stand and survey the landscape around you. Several years have passed since the start of the civil war that compelled you to fight to defend your people from third world invaders. While the tide is turning you fear the White race may win only a Phyrric victory. Far too many have died, though the parasites and traitors died amongst them. Of your own paramilitary unit you are the only one who remains. You are still a young man, and after reflecting on seeing a comrade emasculated by East Africans before you could rescue him, you decide it is time to put your virility to use and father a future generation of your people. With a backpack full of rations and Krugerrands you looted from Albanian gangsters, you decide to change tactics. You sling your rifle and set out across the ruins of Europa in search of White brides.
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