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Knuckles' Adventure by LingLing
Knuckles paced the room slowly. His girlfriend Tikal had been in the bathroom for two hours.

"Why do chicks gotta take so long to go to the bathroom?" he thought as he paced back and forth, back and forth, forth and back, fack and borth.

They had been friends for two years now and Knuckles had just gotten the courage to ask her out last week. This was a complete fiasco but it had turned out alright in the end.

"hey, hurry up or we'll be late!" Knuckles yelled as he walked over to his back door. He was going to check on the Mobius Master Crystal.

This crystal had been entrusted to his family for centuries. Once it was a great source of power, but now it was used mainly as an ornament or when Knuckles was particularly lazy, a urinal.

"Yep still there, why do I have to have this eyesore in my yard anyway?" Knuckles looked around and spied Knackles his pet Chao.

"Knackles we're going on a date, watch the crystal ok!" Knuckles said. But it was useless. Knackles could only do one thing... and he was doing it to Knuckles Leg.

"Bad chao, I just rented this suit, now you've got cum all over the leg." wiping his pant's he walked inside his house oblivious to the shadow watching him as he did so.

Back inside Tikal was finaly ready. "Great now we can go" Knuckles said as he picked up the keys to his hoversled.

Outside somthing Crashed.

Rushing out side Knuckles and tikal saw....
End Of Story

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