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Darkness and Light by meteomage
It is nearly two hours till midnight when you glide silently down from the trees. Your entire body quivers with excitement. This is the first time you've been in the human realm by yourself. Your eyes have no trouble penetrating the darkness and you quickly take in your surroundings.

You are in a small park, hidden in the shadows of the trees. There is a young couple taking a late night stroll in the park. They are so engaged in their conversation that it should not be difficult to sneak up on them. Still... there are two of them, so one might be able to get a good look at you before you can knock them both unconcious...

Across the street, an elderly lady is alone and locking up her small shop. The sign above the door reads "Relics, Charms, and Grandma's delicious homecooked pies!" You find that kind of strange, but then figure not many people are in the market for artifacts, so she makes most of her profit from selling pies. Sucking her blood shouldn't be difficult, as long as she doesn't have any holy artifacts on her...
Go after the old lady
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