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Darkness and Light by meteomage
You bow down before the Vampire Lords. "Forgive me Lords." The words feel bitter in your mouth. "I do not feel that I am ready to undertake this test. I do not want to jeapordize the clan..."

"Haha, sick boy is too scared to take the test!" Several jeers and insults rung out from the audience, but the Lords quickly silenced them with a glare.

"So," one of the Lords said in a booming voice. "You are not confident in your abilities? A vampire who second guesses himself is a great danger of being discovered. Very well, you may continue your training and take the test on the next aniversary of your deathday"

"Thank you Lords", you say humbly. You can feel the glares of hatred and disgust emunating from the audience as you get to your feet and walk out the door.

You got what you wanted, and yet you can't imagine feeling any worse. The next year is going to be torture.

Suddenly your mother (I'll just keep calling her that) appears in front of you in a puff of smoke. "You did the right thing" she says, giving you a hug.

Well at least SOMEONE thinks so...

But still... maybe with one person supporting you, you can endure a year of torture and perhaps some year you will rise to greatness. You will probably live another 200 years, so what is one year in the long run?
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