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The Quest for the Crystal Sword by lioness1081
You come around in total darkness and for minute don't remember where you are. Suddenly it all comes back to you. You and John fell. Out of the corner of your eye you see movement on your left. You try to turn your head to see what it is but find its pounding so hard you couldn't possibly. You hear someone whisper your name and find its John's voice. You try to speak but your throat is to dry. John helps you sit up and gives you a sip out of his water bottle.

Finally you are able to speak. "Where's Geoff?" you say.

John points up and you see a head looming in the small hole of light very high up. "What happened?" you ask.

"We fell into a trap. Geoff was a little behind us so he was safe but we fell down. You fell straight down and landed hard. You have been out for about three hours. I fell on a rock that was covered with moss about three feet above your landing area. I got lucky," he says.

You laugh and are thrown into a fit of coughs. You sip some more out of John's water bottle and get yourself under control.

"You two ok down there?" you hear Geoff yell. "Any injuries?"

"Nothing permanent," John shouts back.

As you look up you see the sun is sinking. Geoff lowers some dry wood down to you and John. John uses his magic to start a fire and cooks some soup for the two of you. Geoff is cooking above you two. As John stands up after filling two soup bowls you see him wince.

"What's the matter?" you ask, "Are you hurt?"

"It's nothing. Just a little sore from the fall." he replies.

You are not convinced though you admit to yourself that you're pretty sore. You take inventory of your pains; a sprained wrist, a deep gash across you arm, and a mild concussion. John hasn't let you stand up or do anything since you woke up and it's beginning to irritate you. You want to get on with your adventure but you know John, who has the magic of healing along with fire making, knows more about injuries than you.

Over dinner you try to casually bring up what you are going to do now. "So how should we proceed from here?" you ask.

John glares at you and says "Your not going anywhere for at least a few days. A concussion like yours will make you dizzy and sick for weeks, maybe even months. I need to wrap your wrist and as soon as I have the energy I should use my healing magic to make the gash shrink."

"Nonsense." you say. "You need to look after yourself. I'm no surgeon but I think you may have bruised a rib or two, which would explain your occasional winces and you need to save your strength." you argue while John cleans up after you finish your dinner.

Geoff throws down your bedrolls and John lays them out. He won't let you stand yet because of your concussion so he places you on your bedroll. It makes you frustrated at not being in control but you get over it. You tired and welcome the opportunity to go to sleep. Out of the corner of your eye you see John climbing up the side of the rock he fell on. He can almost reach the top and you see Geoff sit on the edge of the opening.
You go to sleep.
End Of Story

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