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Amnesia by TheKoolAidGuy
"H-hey now, take it easy..." You stumble backwards and trip up on a chair. You fall backwards. The gun flies out your hands and skids across the floor. You hit the ground. Charlie lands on top of you.
You watch 28 walk towards you slowly. You try to throw charlie off you but he's too heavy. You're trapped!
28 Raises his huge arm. There's some kind of gun attached to it. He slowly raises it and aims it at your head.
Then you hear some noise behind you. You wriggle about and try to look behind you. Then yu see - out of the corner of your eye - the young man you saved. He's holding the gun. His face is a twisted expression of pure rage.
"COME ANY CLOSER AND I'LL BLOW YOUR FREAKIN' HEAD OFF!!!" he screams, his voice cracking up.
You try to warn him "No, don't, you'll get killed!"
"SHUT UP! DON'T MOVE, ANYONE!" He's going a bit crazy. He keeps looking all around the room, as if he was looking for something.
"No! Don't!" you yell at him.
Lou just stands there laughing. "Go on! Shoot him! I dare you.!"
The man starts shaking. He doesn't kn ow what to do. Then he flips.
"SHUT UP!!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" He pulls the trigger. A loud click echoes through the room. Then theres total silence.
Then everything happens at once. First, 28 raises his arm and fires at the man. His body is instantly ripped appart. His limbs fly everywhere. Blood sprays all over the floor and all over the windows. You scream. 28's attention is drawn to you. He turns. He aims his gun. Then, with one mighty burst of rage and strength, you heave off Charlie's massive bulk and roll across the floor, just as 28 starts to fire. The bullets hit Charlie. You get up and run just as blood and a leg come and hit you in the back. You stumble out the room. There's blood everywhere.
"After him!" you hear Lou cry.
What do you do?
Run left (more rooms)
End Of Story

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