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Final Stand by JudgeWall
The soft splish-splash of slimy water from your footfalls echoes from the walls of the tunnel passageway as you make your way forward. Although the tunnel has the appearance of not having been used in years because of the smooth, unadorned surface of the rock walls, you have the gut feeling that someone has been systematically moving the ammunition and firearms of Rick's guns to some other location. Your flashlight picks out the occasional reflection of the glinting eyes of small reptilian creatures that seem to have made the tunnel their home.

After nearly a half hour of walking through the soft muck, you round a corner and come face to face with a heavy looking metal door. The door has no distinguishing features other than rust and the look of many long years of neglect. Surprisingly, you can hear the faint sound of murmuring voices coming from beyond the door.

Carefully pressing your ear against the surface of the door, you can just make out what appears to be the tail end of a woman's argument:

Exasperated, the women said "…Like I said, I'm telling you I finally saw the honkey mo-fo that has been blow'n those walk'n zombie killas to bits."

A mans voice: "Yeah, but Rita, we have all been hearing the year long legend of famous vampire killer from the other survivors, and other than you no one has yet to have seen him."

The woman's voice again "Well I'm telling you he was hold up in Rick's, and the front of da place jus' blew like the forth of July, so he is gonna be a real legend now…"

Whoever these people may be, they must be talking about you!

The excitement of the possibility of finding other people alive in Terra Casa after all this time sends your heart racing and your head reeling. You step back to open the door and announce your arrival as 'the legend', but stop yourself short. What if these people are armed and hostile? What if they blast you on accident out of fear?

Realizing again that the passage back up into Rick's Guns is no doubt burning and or covered in immobile debris, you decide that you have no choice but to open the door.
Open the door
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