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Final Stand by JudgeWall
After all the months of living alone, the desire to find human companionship is overcome with the primal instincts of safety and self-preservation. What if you opened the door and you were riddled with bullets, mistaken for a misshapen vampire? What if you opened the door and you ran into a pack of human cannibals? After all you have seen over the last year, anything seems possible.

Turning with mixed emotions of fear, indecision, desire and defeat, you begin to make your way back the way you came. Tracking down the now somewhat familiar path, you begin to see outline of the latter and room that brought you to this subterranean passage.

Suddenly, a violent blast rocks your stone passageway and you see wooden and metal debris fall and fill the small room with the latter ahead. Dust begins to fill your lungs. Rick's Guns must have blown sky high when the fire found the remainder of Rick's gun powder filled ammunition.

Realizing that you have no alternative but to go back and face your fears, you turn around and make your way back to the worn metal door.
Open the door
End Of Story

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