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Behind the Shield: Bomb Squad by NCPolice55571
You work hard at what you do and what's a night of fun drinking a cold one with your new partner going to hurt anyway.

"Hey sweetheart," you call to the bartender, " how about bringing me and my new partner here a round of beers."

The pretty blonde fills you up with two pitchers and says since your a police officer the first pitcher is on the house! Woohooo it don't get better than this.

After drinking a couple of rounds, Tony turns your head and points over to a hot looking blonde sitting across the way. "Hey that chick has been eyeing you all night, why don't you go over and talk to her."

After those last 5 beers you're feeling pretty good just hope you don't have beer goggles on.
Time to quit drinking and head home tomorrow is a long day
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