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A New Home in the Country by Prang
After fifteen long years of cleaning poo, the devil you met comes in to find the cavern sparkling clean from end to end, and all the hellhounds perfectly groomed and healthy. His jaw drops to the ground.

"I have never seen someone so dedicated to their hellish tasks before! You are SO promoted!"

He whisks you off to Satan himself, who congradulates you on your promotion. He sticks out his finger and you feel a rush of wind all around you. The smoke clears and you can see your hairy goat legs, your bright red skin, and just in case, you feel the two pointy horns coming out of your forehead. You're now an honourary member of hell.

Satan says, "For your first task as a devil..."
"... there's a prostitute who died without having repented, we need you to go bring us her soul."
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