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A prank to the princess by Winterberry
Celestia opens the bottle of cream. "It smells delightful! I think we should use it now, Luna!" The two mares spread the pale white cream into their faces.

Suddenly, Luna gasps. "Am I shrinking?!" What's happening to my hair?!" The dark indigo alicorn mare turned into a small purple filly gaped at her reflection in the stained glass windows. Celestia was not saved from this fate either. She was now a tiny pale pink filly with cotten candy colored hair.

"Aww, what are we going to do about them?" Fluttershy cooed, unable to look away from the now adorable members of royalty. Luna stared at her, and then tried to use her booming Canterlot voice, not quite succeeding; because of being a tiny filly. "We're going to do what we've always done! Rule!" When Starlight changed our cutie marks, we still ruled, so we're still able to rule now. I bet I can still raise the moon."

The purple filly scrunched up her face in concentration, barely mustering a gasp before falling down in humiliating defeat. "Okay, maybe not."

Celestia patted her sister on the back. "You're doing it all wrong. You need to concentrate on the big, beautiful sun!! And not on yourself." "Wha- hey!! You come back here! How dare you insult your only sister in such a way!" Celestia darted away from her sister's grasp and his in Fluttershy's mane. The yellow Pegasus' eyes grew wide with glee.
"There's a crazy pony chasing me!! Help!" Luna rolled her eyes. "As if. You're the mean one. You're just blaming me for everything." Twilight finally decided to trot over and end this madness. She levitated the two foals off of Fluttershy and onto the ground. "As much as I love 'playtime,' I think we should probably be putting more brainpower into getting you back to normal. Because without you, the sun won't set, and the moon won't rise. We need you. Can you help is?"
"Sure! How about
We go check out that new HayDonald's!
End Of Story

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