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Asylum: ~Lost Memories~ by Speck
"Sure." You tell her, then you and Nancy are on your way down a dark corridor. You don't say much, not sure why she is so silent, you have your own reasons, you're worried about that thing that killed the gaurd. Where'd it go...? Just then, as you start to relax a bit, only hearing the sounds of you and your counterparts foot falls,you come to a little girl, her face is hidden by the shadows.She remains silent, not speaking, or even looking directly at you for that matter. Who is it you wonder, and what the hell are they doing here.
"Hello there." Nancy tries. Though the girl says nothing. She looks about 8, wearing an old looking victorian design dress. Though it's stained with...blood? Something tells you there's something not quite right about this one...
Ask her name, and if she's alright.
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