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Asylum: ~Lost Memories~ by Speck
There's no way you're staying here! You turn and high tail it back up the hall. The only sounds at first is the pounding of your foot falls, and your own thumping heart. Who shot him? Curiosity is getting the best of you, jsut a peak you think. You twist around quickly and glance down the hall. There's nothing there...the hall is empty, no body, no murderer. Was it all just your imagination? You shake your head, no way.
Then suddenly you feel a painful shove at your side and you go toppling onto the floor.
"Shit!" You scream as you look up to the attacker. "Nancy?" You realize, you had ran directly in front of the door you left moments before, and was hit when she opened to investigate.
"So you're still here?" She asks, reaching a hand to help you up.
"Yeah." You tell her, ignoring her offered help and lifting yourself to your feet. You wobble a bit, not sure if it's still the effects from the black out, or the door.
"Well, listen, I think you're right, and I'm sorry." She tells you suddenly.
"Right? About what?" You question a bit confused.
"About getting out of here, we can't just sit around waiting to whaddya' say, partners?" She offers her hand again, this time in union. You can't help but think, as you stare down at the out streatched hand, that taking it may be signing your very life over. It feels like a pact, with the devil. Then again, you could use some help, who ever killed that gaurd can't be too far away from you...
Sorry, I'm a loner.
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