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Asylum: ~Lost Memories~ by Speck
"Wow." You breath when you see them. They're extremely handsome, their arms lined with muscles, extending from a faded muscle shirt. But, are those blood stains on the front of his shirt? You look up to focus more on his face. Side burns grow messily down the sides, and a small bit of beard is cut in a traingle-like shape on his chin, not coming from the flesh. Deep, brown eyes take you in.
"You ok?" He says in a harsh sounding tone. You nod, though know that's a lie. Even so you lift yourself up, noticing that you're now free from your constraints.
"Damn, the whole place has gone mad. It's rediculous, the gaurds act crazier then the prisoners!" He grumbles, sitting on a blood stained stretcher. You start to say something, but decide against it.
"They've been experimenting for quite some time, though now I'm shutting them down." You arch a brow.
"What?" You ask.
"Huh? Damn, you too...? There's a cure. We'll get it." He assures you. You simply look down, giving up.
"How can we get out of this place?" You ask, the questions been on your mind this whole time.
"Gaurds are everywhere, not to mention those, things." He grumbles in reply.
"Things?" You ask.
"Yeah, fucking mutants. Killed my partner." He tells you angrily.
"What? Your partner?" Who is this guy?
"I'm, a detective. I've had my eye on this place for quite some time. Never thought it'd go down like this though."
"Detective? Well detective you got a name?" You ask him, feeling a bit more comfortable.
"Bobby, just call me Bobby."
"So if security is so tight, how are we going to get out?"
"Well, there's only one way I can think of." He tells you, reaching to his side and grabbing a large magnum. Then he tosses you a large knife. It's wet with fresh blood, and it drips from the slightly rusted blade.
"A knife?" You say.
"It's all I got." He tells you.
Let the bloodshed begin!
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