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Time Traveller by AgentRebellion
Angrily, you push past the woman and aim a punch at Six-Gun Mike's face. He tries to avoid it, but the blow hits with a crunch, and Mike staggers backwards over a nearby table, and the saloon erupts into a fight.

One of Mike's friends heads towards you, but another man rushes over and grabs him by the shirt and knocking the man over with a blow to the face. Another man leaps from a table and onto the other's shoudlers, putting his hands around his throat. A man in the corner throws a knife across the room to slam into one of Mike's friend's as he gets up from the table.

Suddenly, the barman reaches overand wraps his hands around your throat.

"Hey, Mike!" he shouts, "I got him for ya!"

Mike heads over, rubbing his jaw and snarling. Infuriated, you swing your elbow back into the barman's face, scattering glasses to smash on the floor. The barman grunts and releases you just in time for you to duck Six-Gun Mike's vicious punch. As Mike steps forward to try to hit you again, the woman brings her pistol down on the back of his head, and he slumps to the floor. Two men glare at you and start walking over.

Just at that moment, however, you see someone enter the saloon and you get the glimpse of sunlight on a badge.

"Stop this, right now!" the Sheriff shouts, firing his pistol upwards. The fight halts, and the cowboys stand glaring at each other.

"Who's responsible for this?" the Sheriff demands angrily, looking to the woman, who shrugs.

"Don't look at me, Sheriff," she says casually.

"It was this stranger, Sheriff!" the barman says, a hand over his bleeding nose. The Sheriff heads over to you.

"You started this fight, boy?"

He jabs his pistol into your ribs. What will you answer?
Or say nothing?
End Of Story

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