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A prank to the princess by Winterberry
They fit perfectly, and Celestia and Luna never wanted to take them off. But at 7:00, Luna quickly called Twilight to say she couldn't make the moon rise! Apparently, she was attacked by some force and she fell. Celestia helped her get up, but no matter what Luna did, she couldn't make the moon rise. Then at 7:00 am, Celestia called Twilight to say she couldn't make the sun rise!

Dun Dun Dun!!!

The sky was gray and covered by clouds by the Pegasi so nopony could realize Luna and Celestia's mistake. Twilight was called by Luna and apparently, when the sisters tried using their powers again, they got the cutie pox! Celestia got the Hair-Reaper, the French, and many more cutie marks that can't be counted.

Luna got much worse ones though...
Horse, talking, hands, and sun cutie marks
End Of Story

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