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Your Weird Life by coolguy
Gathering the full strength of your sick muscles, you clamber out of the window, letting yourself fall to the ground below. Ground level isn't a long way up, but for a strange convenient reason, it seems the earth is travelling away from your body, and in sudden realization, you gasp, you're floating upwards due to mysterious random plot lines! You float into the sky above, still snivelling from this wretched cold. You hit a cloud, and suddenly the ascent is over, and you plummet towards earth again, this time, your face meets a massive mattress, and you're delighted at the plush warmness of this situation. You suddenly fall unconsious, and awaken in a familiar room.

Your own.

Wow. Even I'm confused.

There's a bucket on your bedside, how the hell can you reach it?! You soon find yourself becoming nauseous, you have that gut feeling, and something is rising itself suddenly through your chest, you have only 00:00:58 to make your decision
Hold it in
End Of Story

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