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wtfofl by strongbad
For starters, you haunt your previous landlord, the one who always took advantage of your money, and always charged you more each week, gradually increasing the price, he also stole money too, you haunted him by possessing his itemts during the night and scaring the shit out of him, you also made it more obvious by throwing his clothes and items around the room violently, when you were close to him, he gasped, then eventually he slumped to the ground, clutching his heart, his eyes flickered shut, he was dead.

The next victim was your ex-girlfriend who had dumped you for a lesbian, you literally destroyed the lesbian's home, by throwing hammers and sledgehammers at her walls until they were slightly crumbled, the windows were smashed, and the door was obliterated. The last hammer you threw was a metal top one, originally made for nails and stuff, which, in the hands of a ghost that wanted vengeance, was a dangerous object. It was thrown through her window, and it turned out they were having lesbian sex on the sofa, the lesbian you had intended on destroying on top, sexually rubbing the other woman's breasts, the woman, of course, was your ex. She was busy rubbing her girlfriend's vagina, in ways that will not be described, the lesbian was hit with the sharp end of the hammer, and your ex was instantly killed by a sledgehammer which had also came in with the nail-hammer. They both died that day.

The next victim was the bully who used to bully you sometimes during school, he'd pulled your pants down in front of the whole class, revealing your rather large package, the whole class laughed, and your friends betrayed you, rage becomes insitent on revenge as you think of those horrible moments. How do you gain revenge?
Make his life hell by increasing his bills
End Of Story

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