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18th Century Vampires by garypryke
She clicks her tongue. "Such a shame, love. I'd've made your night. Your life, even."

She kisses you softly on the lips. Her lips feel lifeless and cold. "Mark my words, love. You'll spend your life wishing you'd said yes. You'll search desperately for me."

She turns away from you, but looks back. "Fortunately for you, love..." She grins again. "We'll meet again. I'll make sure of that."

You swallow hard at the thought.

"We'll have to see if I'm still in the mood to share a bit 'o pleasure with you then."

With that, she disappears.

A cold wind blows past your face from the open window on the opposite wall.

You wonder whether you saw a girl here at all, or simply imagined her.

Stay the night in the room.
Head downstairs.

(Image based on part of the "Dark & Light (+ vice versa)" project by Jakub Wozniak retrieved from http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Dark-_amp-Light-(-vice-versa)/159807 . Licensed Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0). See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ for license information.)
Stay the night in the room.
End Of Story

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