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Alien Abduction!!1! by girlfoxgirl
You and Rayner are standing right on the edge of the corner, just out of sight. Then without a word, you do one of those bada$$ commando "Go" motions. So you and Rayner bolt around the corner as fast as you both can. The alien obviously notices you and scrambles to aim his gun. Just as he's about to shoot you, you reach out and open a door, blocking him from you. Rayner does the same. The alien angrily shoots at the door. You jump back as the ray blast burns a small hole in the door. But it doesn't burn you. The alien grunts in rage and shoots again. This time it's at Rayner's door. You see him jump back and the blast burn through the door and melt part of his shirt. You motion to again to him. Then you both shove the doors forcefully so they slam on the wall, you dive through the air, quickly clearing the space between your door and the next. The alien takes aim. He pulls the trigger. But again, you tear open the door so you avoid getting shot. The alien roars as he sees that you successfully gained ground between you and him. Rayner gives you a look that says, "You're a genius!" But the alien has now caught on. And you're still 3 doors away from him. Not anywhere near the right amount of space to be able to tackle him without being shot. You wait, crouched down, for him to shoot again. He does. Then you motion again, repeating the move, and again barely missing being shot. The alien stomps his tentacles on the floor. But as you wait to hear a shot, you don't. You freeze up. Oh no, you didn't think about what would happen if he simply walked up to you. You won't be able to see what he's doing since you're hiding behind the safety of the door! Or maybe he's calling for backup! Rayner gives you a horrified look. You nod. But he shakes his head no. And makes a motion as if to shove his door forward. "No," you whisper. "Don't go yet. Wait for the signal." Rayner shakes his head more violently and desperately motions as if to shove the door very hard. Then you get it. You body slam the door with your shoulder! There's a big 'CLUNK!' noise and the alien falls to the floor. You get up and peer around the door. The alien is out cold on the floor. Quickly you snatch all his weapons. "Oh, thanks, Rayner! I didn't see him sneaking up on me! He would have shot me if you hadn't warned me!" Rayner gives the thumbs-up and admires the large lump the door made on the alien's head. "Now...."
Wait, maybe we should get some more guns....
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