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Your Weird Life by coolguy
You grab the crayon and toss it in your mouth. Gnawing away, you turn your teeth to a purple glitter sort of color. Eventually, you decide to swallow.

When you swallow, however, you choke on it. Your mom screams like a 3-year-old and performs the Heimlich Manuever on you. Soon, you spit out the purple glitter crayon onto the unsuspecting phsychiatrist who ironically walks out at that same time.

"Vy, gosh! Vee hav a problem here. Come weev me, sick von!" The doctor says.

He immediately grabs you by the arm and drags you across the carpet, giving you rug burn. You are really getting close to bleeding. What do you want to do?
Bite the Psychiatrist on the arm!
End Of Story

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