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Your Weird Life by coolguy
In order to display appropriate behavior, you make the decision to stay calm and ignore the doctor while he looks at you.

"Ah yes," says the doctor. "You have Pukeitis. It's a rare sickness and must be treated extra carefully."

"Extra carefully?" you wonder.

"What do we use to treat it?" asks your mom.

"Simple," explains the doctor as he pulls out a weird device with a microphone and other weird-looking gadgets. "When the patient is hooked up to this machine, he or she speaks into the microphone, explaining the desired cure. The machine then makes it so that the only cure is the one that was spoken into the microphone."

"Can I speak into it?" asks your mom.

"I'm afraid," says the doctor, "that it only works on the patient. Sorry. The makers of the device are still working out all the bugs in the new version."

Now is your chance to give yourself a required cure. What do you want to say into the microphone?
A ton of video games must be played.
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