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Doctor Who by garypryke
" Oi! " Curiosity makes you shout out up to te building. But the figure has already disappeared, and you have a strange feeling in your stomach that your suddenly in trouble. But you decide to go looking for the person anways. You glance around every which way and spot a door leading into the building. It's old and dusty, and it appeares as if someone has broken through.

You cautiously approach the doors and gently push them open. You discover an eerie hallway inside. The lights have one out, and there is no noise, not one, except for your own footsteps.

An unearth;y silence, and it's starting to make you nervous. There is a sudden motion behind you, and you twirl around on heel just in time to see the figure, you now notice is a man, that had been watching you run out the door.

You tense up prepared to follow him. But then there is a strange groan that echoes down the hallway. You turn your head towards the groan and narrow your eyes, wondering what was going on here.
You follow the Man
End Of Story

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