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Darkness and Light by meteomage
You walk into the grand room of the dark realm ready to see your mom. You see her turning a corner walking away from you. You follow. Right as you turn the corner someone grabs you by the arm and swings you into a closet. You bite you lip to hide the yell edging up your throat. It's your mother.

"You have to leave. It's not safe for you here anymore."

You have never seen her this worried. You try to explain but she isn't listening.

"There's no time. After you did't show they went looking for you and there have been stories everywhere about people seeing a flying man. The coven leaders are distraught. You have to run."

"It wasn't me."

Your mom looks down. She's so forlorned.

"I know, but they won't believe you. You have to go."

Indecision is in your eyes. Where will you go?
Try to find Manee.
End Of Story

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