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Time Traveller by AgentRebellion
"I'm sorry, miss, but what did you mean by strange?" You ask. She turns from the bed and bites her lip, obviously chastising herself for having told you in the first place.

"It's really none of my business, sir," She mumbles.

"Don't worry, I'll not say anything to Mr Gripes, I don't want to stir up no trouble."

She looks trapped for a moment, and then sighs.

"It's really nothing, mister," She says, "Just a bunch of old chatter about him keeping some loot for some brigands that live up in the canyon - the Blood River Gang, they're called - but it's all just a load of talk, y'hear? Just talk."

She goes back to her work, turning her back on you, and you step away from the doorway, thinking. Loot, she said? Perhaps this is worth a little investigation.
Decide it's too risky to get involved in and return to the machine.
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