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Can it be that it was all so simple then? by kakunoshin
Mei's boyfriend grips his chest, spitting out blood. You grab him by the jacket and roll his body into the corner, two small exit holes in his back. Mei is holding her chest as her white t-shirt begins to stain red. She's got a little bleed through, but she'll be fine.

"You ok baby?" you ask.

"No you fucker! Do I look ok? You shot me and killed Jimmy! Youre only slightly more fucked than I am!"

Just at that moment the back door is kicked open, the goon squad has arrived. Only two of them though. Your standard suited bull guards, more brawn than brain.

Fortunately, Mei is quick on the draw. She has the .45 in her hand and drops two shots into the chest of the trailer while youre dropping three into the leader. Two to the body, one to the head, hes dead. The second is still on his feet. He squeezes off two shots, both hitting the wall. You empty your last round into his chest. Mei follows up with three more. He finally goes down, dragging a rack of pots and pans with him.

You grab the .45 off the first goon, you hate to use other people's weapons, but youre out of ammo at this point and he didnt get a shot off.
Time to fled
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