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Can it be that it was all so simple then? by kakunoshin
Before she can get a good grip on the next projectile you crack her one across the mouth.

She stumbles back and wipes a small trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth. A smirk crosses her face.

So, youve decided to come back and fight like a man have you? she says before kicking you square in the chest.

You stumble back into the wall, temporarily winded. Now a smirk crosses your face. Its go time.

You circle one another like lions. Youre determined to be king of the pride, and shes determined to make you fight for it.

She pounces, swinging wildly but viciously. You block, dodge and slip the flurry coming away with only a few scratches. Youve taught her better than this.

You give her a shot to the stomach.

She stumbles back briefly. Before giving you a kick to the balls. You both double over to catch your breath. You look up simultaneously right into each others eyes. This is the love that keeps you together.

You converge in the middle of the floor fighting and grappling, dodging and slamming one another off of every surface in the room. Before long the room is a wreck and youre both horny as hell.

You heft her like a cavemen and throw her halfway across the room onto the bed. Over the next hour and half you have a round of the room wreaking sex that keeps this relationship alive. By the end of it all the room is a wreck and every surface in the apartment can be seen from space under black light. Finally exhausted you take her down off the dryer and stumble to the window to look all your crap littering the street outside. Its raining out and the cool breeze is very much welcome. Behind you shes crawling her way to the bathroom to wash the fluids out of every hole in her body.

"Life is good" you think as you wash your dick off with rainwater. "Life is good indeed."

In a few minutes you hear the shower come on. Good time to slip out and avoid post-coital amenities. Then again, its a cold rainy night, and youve got a warm woman and a bottle of scotch. The streets will be there in the morning.
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