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Jan 2, 2021
Although the author has been indoctrinated to think abdl is pedophilic, the parts of the story that haven't been butchered or deleted are well written and involving

Anyone that wants to learn about abdl and its community please do your own research and explore your interests. And do not spread hate speach like the author has numerous times, which could be down to the author losing the account to a hacker
by Gwenpool on Jan 2, 2021
Jul 17, 2020
As the author of this story, I would like to say that this is pedophilic and not only disgusting, but encourages and normalizes the sexualization of children and minors. I seriously regret posting this, and have added my own little message to readers at every loose end :)
I WILL be deleting it soon, because I do not want to have any part in it anymore since (finally) realizing I am participating in and encouraging pedophelic content. And I in no way want any part of it anymore.
I am truly sorry that I ever acted like this and did such things (though I thankfully never had an obsession with actual children. For me it was *me* wanting to be a child. Which I see as equally bad.)
by harleyq1143 on Jul 17, 2020

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