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A Tale of Two Choices by Bassoonist
Dorothea approaches the woman.

The woman gives her a slow, appraising look.

"Well, you're a new Boat Race, Turtle Dove. where did ya come from?"

"Dark Annie said she would meet me here," replied Dorothea. "Could you direct me to her lodgings?"

At this the woman and the publican burst out laughing.

"Dark Annie, you say?" asks the woman. "Sorry, Turtle Dove, she's been pullin' your 'ard boiled Borra And Beg. Dark Annie doesn't bee 'ive 'ere. She just uses a room 'ere 'cause 'er man doesn't want 'er bringin' the bloomin' customers home."

"Well," responds Dorothea defiantly, "she told me to meet her here. I am not in the habit of lying!"

"Calm daahhhn, Turtle Dove. Nah need ter take offense. If ya want Dark Annie's lodgin' house you'll 'ave ter Scapa Fla ter Crossingham's. Ask for Tim Donovan and 'e'll set ya wite."
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